The EVL laser system is designed with both red 635 nm and violet 405 nm lasers for a greater range of options within one device. The red laser is superior in biochemical healing, while the violet laser provides anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties for pathogens such as fungus, bacterial infections, and others. Clinically proofs and 16 FDA(510k).


The Vet Laser System handheld laser uses low levels of energy output to non-invasively repair tissue and reduce pain and inflammation in animals. When the laser hits the targeted muscles, nerves or ligaments, it stimulates the cells’ mitochondria into action and encourages increased production of ATP. This process promotes natural healing, making these lasers an ideal option for vets who want a natural alternative to medications and surgery. Clinically proven with several FDA(510k).


The Base Station is a desktop unit with three (3) touchscreen handheld laser devices, a smart docking base and the ability to program all of the lasers using their touchscreen GUIs. The Erchonia Base Station has not only been designed with ergonomics and space saving in mind but also portability. Physicians are able to use innovative laser therapy in three locations at once with this device.

The new FX 635

The FX 635 uses low-level laser technology and patented laser diode arms, to target the area of involvement. It reduces inflammation while promoting bio-stimulation at a cellular level in the musculoskeletal point of the pain’s origination. Unlike other lasers that are too strong and unreliable — and produce unwanted heat — the FX 635 is fully compliant with ISO 13485 Medical Device Quality and IEC 60825-1 Laser Safety. The only Low-level laser with FDA market clearance for treatment of chronic lower back pain (human).

Animals with chronic pain will experience improved comfort and quality of life without the risks associated with the side effects of opioids and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs — or NSAIDs — that can cause ulcers, bleeding, kidney disease and heart failure.

The Global Leader in Low-Level Laser technology

With 16 FDA(510k) and hundreds of double-blind placebo-controlled studies, Erchonia has set the standard on the Global market for LLLT.

Invest in the optimal medical technology solutions to decrease usage of hormones, pharmaceuticals, and antibiotics. With over 20 years of science and research and numerous double-blind placebo-controlled studies, the results are clinically verified.

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Engagement and brands

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Archmethod® is a bridging methodology of spatial medicine, applied neuroscience, and photobiomodulation. Archmethod® is a course in self-awareness to better performance and a life without pain. 

Erchonia founded in 1996 are an international corporation and the world leader in Low-Level Laser. They are committed to the scientific advancement of Low-Level Laser Therapy (3LT®) through clinical

Arch of Scandinavia has the Nordic agency for R2L (Radiation to Light) which is a smart device you put on your cell phone simply transform the cellphones radiation to light.

Laserinstitutet is an innovative company with a holistic perspective on healthcare and wellbeing. We are working with neuro-based functional training combined with hi-tech cell-transformation-solutions that activate cells in the body by low-level-lightwaves.

Degree-n develops and supplies sustainable heating systems. We strive to promote the socially responsible use of renewable energy and reduce CO2 emissions and use of fossil fuels to a minimum. With Degree-n hi-tech energy solutions, you can heat up your stables and clinics. Suitable for laboratory environment due to non-vectoring technology.